Motor City Youth Brass Band was founded in 2006 by Erin Garvey, Brad Laibly and Tom Shaner, at that time, members of Motor City Brass Band, to promote brass banding for middle and high school students.

Motor City Ascension Brass Band continues the tradition of MCYBB adding college and beyond musicians. MCABB is a British-Style Brass Band and a unique performance opportunity for brass players and percussionists. The name was chosen to encourage and inspire students and all musicians to ascend to Motor City Brass Band.



We are looking for dedicated brass and percussion musicians that wish to develop their ensemble playing through improving fundamentals and learning about brass band literature. Motor City Ascension Brass Band is truly an ensemble that supports all types of players, using the brass band as a medium to further lifelong music education.

MCABB is designed for the musician that enjoys performing a wide variety of music ranging from classical to rock to jazz and seeks to advance performing skills while focusing on fundamentals. Hosted by The Salvation Army in Southfield, MCABB will offer you an opportunity to develop brass and percussion technique and cultivate fellowship and musicianship through exploration of the brass band genre.



All ages are welcome; however, musicians must be accomplished on their instruments and be committed to all the rehearsal and performance dates (See the Calendar Page). If you have conflicts with anything on the calendar, please contact the director to see if it would prevent participation.


Instrumentation Information

In the British tradition, the Motor City Ascension Brass Band uses standard brass band instruments. As a result of many generous grants, the specialty instruments will be provided to students on loan from the band. Trumpet players are eligible to play Eb cornet, Bb cornet, flugelhorn, and tenor horn, while French horn players are eligible for tenor horn. Low brass players are eligible for baritone, euphonium, trombone, bass trombone, Eb tuba, and Bb tuba. Percussionists are expected to be proficient on all standard concert instruments. Prior experience on these traditional British instruments is not required, as a result, students will audition on their primary concert band instrument.



It is expected that MCABB members will attend all rehearsals and performances in order to maintain membership in the ensemble.  It is also expected that all members arrive before the scheduled rehearsal time to warm up (the band room at the Southfield Salvation Army Headquarters will be open at least 20 minutes prior to a rehearsal).  Performance dates are set in advance to allow ample time to resolve conflicts

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every rehearsal and will be reported to the director.  Excused absences from rehearsals will be considered on an individual basis.  Examples are personal illness, death in immediate family, or extreme family emergency.  Examples of unexcused absences include:  no transportation, private lessons, studying for a test, and work.  Students are responsible for informing their employers of the MCABB schedule.
If a student must be absent from a rehearsal, he or she must submit an e-mail request prior to the scheduled time of the rehearsal to the director. Absences can only be excused by the director and are considered on an individual basis. Considering the few rehearsals prior to each concert, students are allowed only two excused absences during the season. If the director deems a student to have excessive absences, the student may be removed fom MCABB.