Audition Dates: September 22 and October 20, 2019

Audition Procedures

  1. Schedule your audition in advance of the appointed audition date by contacting the director: If you schedule your audition early, you will have a greater selection of audition times.
  2. If you are interested in playing one of the specialty instruments, Eb cornet, repiano cornet or flugelhorn, please tell the director in advance.
  3. You will need to arrive prior to your audition time in order to warm up. Each person will have six minutes to audition, performing a piece of your choice, a chromatic scale and one sight reading excerpt.
  4. All students will audition on their primary band instrument. Upon a successful audition, students will receive instruments on loan from MCYBB for use during the season.
  5. In the audition room: You do NOT need to provide extra copies of the music. You will have up to two minutes to play an excerpt from your prepared piece, and 20 seconds to look at the sight reading. You must play straight through the sight reading selection without stopping.
  6. Notification of placement will take place at the first official rehearsal in November.

Percussionists: All standard concert percussion will be available for your use in the audition. Email the director if you have questions or specific instrument needs.