Booking Motor City Brass Band

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"I didn't know a brass band could play that!"

This seems to be a fairly standard response the first time someone hears Motor City Brass Band. MCBB is known for bringing an enjoyable and wide ranging musical program to its audience including classical, patriotic, jazz, Broadway, marches, and popular music as well as some of the best pieces written specifically for the brass band.

In addition to a concert series at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, MI, MCBB has performed in numerous of venues including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor as well as numerous churches and parks in southeast Michigan.

Coupled with its innovative and enjoyable programming, MCBB brings the unique sound of the British-style brass band to the stage each and every performance to give the audience a truly memorable concert experience.

You can book MCBB by contacting us at In addition, if you are a non-profit organization and looking for a way to help fund the performance, please consider a Touring Grant. The Arts & Humanities Touring Program, a joint collaboration of the Michigan Humanities Council and Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, is a one-stop resource for many organizations looking to hold public arts and culture events. For more information, please visit the Michigan Humanities Touring Program web site.

Motor City Brass Band represents a fresh approach to the honored tradition of the British-style brass band. Motor City Brass Band is known for its musicianship and unique niche in the arts community. The 31-member ensemble performs a wide variety of musical styles and genres, reaching every generation across southeast Michigan. A subscription series and performances at local events supplement their educational programs, recordings, and national competition. Detroit Free Press has described Motor City Brass Band as a ‘high energy band streaked by a good-time vibe.